Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pickleball News + More

I was just scanning through some of the other Palm Creek websites to see if anything new has been added.  Rosemary Reese has been busy updating the pickleball blog as players send her summer information about their beloved sport. 
Check out this press release from none other than CNN regarding Tom and Ann Earley.  Click on the link below to watch the CNN video.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014 

For years Tom and Ann have done much to support and grow the sport of pickleball.
When they leave Palm Creek and return to Georgia, they do more than most would even consider.
They have opened their home to all active adults who want to come and play.   Lessons are given to new comers who soon become skilled players. It has grown so much, that last year, they expanded the courts to play on to SIX.  Yes, these courts are on their home property. These courts are listed on USAPA.org under places to play.  For the past seven years they have also hosted an annual tournament.
It is no surprise that CNN showed up at on their doorstep.

Our Pottery people are still active in the summer too.  The room is open several days a week plus there are even some introductory classes for the newcomers.  Look at some of the stuff they've recently created.  Go to their blog at Potters of Palm Creek.  Thank you to Sandy Milner for keeping their blog updated.
Cute little garden trolls!
These honeybees are happy with a late blooming cactus flower at Mark and Cindy Nelson's house on Mountain Mirage.
Another kind of cactus is blooming for Chris and Linda Stewart at their pretty casita.
Our residents continue to stay cool and occupied at other hobbies.  Bev Johnson is an avid jigsaw puzzle fan.
Our hardy golfers are out on the links EVERY morning to take advantage of the cooler temps.
Work continues over behind the sewing room where they're planning to move the trash receptacles and allow for better access to that area.
All in a day's work:  Thought I'd take a minute to pay tribute to my hard-working hubby.  As we make our morning rounds for watching houses, we also take time to report any problems we may encounter.
Finding "water spouts" from broken lines or popped off sprinkler heads is a common every day occurrence.  Don fixes whatever he can and keeps an ample supply of plumbing parts in our cart.
 Checking air conditioning units and thermostats......changing MANY batteries.
More sprinkler heads.
More sprinkler lines.
Rinsing and refilling water buckets for homeowners.
............and sometimes we just have to take time to enjoy the view.
Have a GREAT day.


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