Friday, June 06, 2014

Temps aren't for wimps

Triple digits may be upon us but we're doing just fine.  We had a big potluck happy hour at our house yesterday at 5:00.  We all clustered under the awning for shade but were content to be outdoors all the same.  (107 degrees)  I had a bunch of pictures to show you....but....somehow I deleted them.  Whoops.

After happy hour, the pool sounded most welcome.  Some headed up to the main pool for water volleyball.
And some of us headed for the north pool for cool down and chat time.  Of course, that was after we played catch with a splash ball.
I hear via the sales office that we have 19 more homes to be delivered this summer.  Some are already sold, some are spec homes, and some will be rentals.  Nancy and crew will remain busy.
Two of the homes will go at the far north end of Sandy Desert along the west wall.
Two more will go on Desert Wind for Sites 1339 and 1340.  Holes are being dug as I type this.
Along the new Granite Street by the golf course, they're continually building big beautiful patios on the new houses.  Sounds like perfect happy hour environment come this winter.
Work continues at stoning the columns at the bistro.  This is a work of art as he fits each individual stone into place.
Palm trees continue to be trimmed.  Here's another before and after scene as they go up and down each street.
Don and I were coming home from Sam's Club this week and spotted a huge dust devil spiriling up into the sky.  No clouds, no heavy wind....just this spiriling stream of dust coming up from the dry area north of the pickleball courts.  We drove out there once we entered the park but by then it had dissipated.  These whirlwinds just come and go sporadically in the desert.  The guy who dreamed up the cartoon of the Tazmanian devil must have lived in Arizona.
Art and Audrey Combs have been watching this killdeer nest in their backyard.
Art's caring nature felt sorry for mama bird sitting out in the hot sun so lent her one of his lawn chairs for shade.  I'm sure she appreciated it.  This morning Art  came over to let us know that the eggs have hatched.  I went over to check them out but it was a bad time.  Mama killdeer was really upset and there were grackles in the tree tops up above.  I didn't want to watch so left in a hurry.
On a much more pleasant note, here's a nice photo of our hard-working, dedicated landscape crew that work so hard in the hot sun to keep our park looking its best.
From left to right starting in top row:  Joel, Clint, Pedro, Jose, Fernando (hiding behind Fernando is Larenzo), Tony, Pascal.
Bottom row:  Jim Dawson, Rogelio, Faustino, Maurio, and Jesse.
Since we're showcasing some of our personnel, here's a cute picture of Christy Kochen, our Resident Relations Manager.  I tease her because I can only see her eyes each time I pass the front desk.  She either needs a shorter monitor or a taller chair.  LOL

That's all for today.  Tonight is our big prime rib dinner so I'll have more to write later.




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