Friday, November 04, 2011

Up Up and Away

John Ross who owns the hot air balloon we have seen here at Palm Creek sent me some incredible photos taken from his balloon.  Thank you, John!!!!!

John will spend this winter in Florida with family but plans to be back here next year and each year thereafter. 

This blue and white monster is John’s new balloon aptly named “Longwinded” which he said his friends would understand the name.

Longwinded_Launch (Small)


Palm Creek Main west

Palm Creek NW

Palm Creek_Entire_Park

Palm Creek_North

Palm Creek_North2

Palm Creek_Tennis_pickleball_Courts_woodshop

Some of our horseshoe games take a lot longer than others.  Sometimes it’s because folks like me don’t make many points and it takes a long time for someone to reach 21…………..OR…………….they’re such good pitchers that the two star performers keep canceling each other out.  At any rate, it certainly is FUN!  I finally found a sport that weak knees can handle.

horseshoes blog

horseshoes blog

horseshoes blog

My hat is off to the landscape workers who are bent over or down on knees planting all the flowers.  LOTS of flowers.  In a couple weeks of our Arizona sunshine, they will be beautiful!!!

flowers blog

Pots of Petals will soon adorn our sites.  Watch for a news release about this at the Welcome Back party November 19.

planting pots blog

planting pots blog

The front entrance is now planted.

planting blog

planting blog

Roger and crew are waiting to welcome you.

roger blog

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