Monday, November 21, 2011


Good Morning, Readers:
Last week I overheard some folks talking about the game of Bridge as they walked by the Sonoran Room.  Someone asked what those little red boxes were for.  The reply (from another non-bridge player) was that they had to hold up cards because they weren't allowed to talk.  "Not allowed to talk??!! That can't be much fun."

Well....I'm here to tell you that playing bridge IS fun and we have a good time playing.  The purpose behind the little red bid box is so you can't use voice inflection to indicate how strong or weak your bid is.  It is supposed to prevent us from "groaning" or "cheering" to indicate our card strength.

Yes, it is a game of concentration and the reason we're 'supposed' to be quiet is so others can concentrate and the other tables can't hear how we're bidding or playing a particular hand since they will soon be playing the same cards.  It is a competition to see who can play that hand and get a better score.  That's why it is called "Duplicate Bridge."  Several partners play the same hand and try to do better than the rest.

At least if you're having a bad day and can't get any high scoring're not alone.  Everyone else playing those same cards will have the same opportunity but you can see how others played that same hand.  Sometimes you're happy and sometimes you're NOT.  That's the fun of the game.  Anytime you can sit down with fellow Creekers to play is a good day.


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