Tuesday, November 01, 2011


What an exciting time of year!  Friends (old and new) arriving daily.  Parades of RVs heading to their new spots to enjoy the upcoming season. 


Kent Evans sent me these pictures of maintenance work on the #13 pond.  I really like these kinds of photos because it gives us a big picture of all the work it takes to maintain our resort and keep it beautiful.  Those pretty fountains require a lot of expensive and tender loving care.  It’s just another of the things we sort of take for granted and never stop to think about as we go about our daily fun activities.  (Thank you, Kent).

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We had some great FREE entertainment this past Saturday when Evan Crone stopped by the resort to visit with his cousin Lynne Rogers.  Evan is a professional piano player and entertainer so Lynne talked him into putting on a little concert for us “Creekers”.  Because of the short notice, we didn’t have much time for set up and advertising but those of us who attended had a great time.  Thank you, Evan, for sharing your talents with us.  Our chuckle for the day was the fact that we didn’t have time to get a microphone stand so Lynne sat in as the stage prop to hold the mic.  She’s a great sport and turned an inconvenience into even more fun with her antics.




Lynne’s friendship and enthusiasm is highly contagious.  She was determined to lead us in song even if we didn’t know the words.  Thank you Evan and Lynne for a fun afternoon.


I stopped at the welcome desk to catch a quick photo of our friendly greeters.  Myron Persing pretended to do a fancy dance step for the camera.  I bet he didn’t know I was ready to snap the picture.  Gotcha Myron!  I remember six years ago when Don and I drove our motor home into the park and were welcomed by the Palm Creek greeters.  It was a great feeling!  As a newcomer unaware of our surroundings and new environment, it was so nice to be greeted and have someone show us the ropes.  We truly did come in for three days to check out the resort and never left.  Sold the motor home and made Palm Creek our HOME.  I hear that same kind of story from many other residents who make this their winter paradise.

Can’t resist posting a recent photo of Tom and Mary Williams out on the fantastic newly renovated tennis courts. 

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There is no way I can attend all the events at Palm Creek.  If you have some great photos to share, send them my way……..be a reporter for the blog.

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