Tuesday, November 29, 2011


That was FUN!  I got to be the caller at the big Bingo game last night.  While I still like to be playing with dobber in hand trying to win one of those big jackpots, being the caller was exciting too.  It was a little nerve wracking at first because there are so dang many buttons and widgets and gizmos on that machine but once you get started, it’s not so bad.  I forgot to advance the board a couple times but friendly folks at the tables kept an eye on me and helped me along.  Of course I threatened the whole room and said they had to be kind because I know where most of them live and I could get even. 


Before we started the first game, everyone held a salute as we yelled “Dobbers Up” and wished each other good luck.  I tried to get a picture of everyone so had to do it in thirds.




One very lucky gentleman won the final black out jackpot and took home $602. 

As the bingo players left the room, the volunteers from the softball team entered to pick up all the tables and chairs.  WOW!!!  They have that job down to a science!  They had everything cleaned up and put away in a very short time.  I send a very hearty THANK YOU to them as it is a HUGE contribution to making the bingo event so successful.




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