Monday, November 28, 2011

Tis the Season

Thanksgiving has come and gone so now it’s time to decorate for the Christmas holiday.  The front foyer up at the reception desk looks warm and welcoming.  I hope you folks back east or up north can read the weather report on the TV set to see that we’re in the 70s by day with lots of sunshine.

foyer blog

The tree is decorated.

Xmas tree blog

Santa is here to welcome you.

foyer blog

And the “Giving Tree” is asking for gifts to be donated to needy children.

giving tree blog

The third section of the new sewing room arrived and all three pieces are now in place up by the north side of the ballroom.


I’ll post an on-line album here showing many photos of the pieces being brought into place. 

Inside the current sewing room, the ladies are hard at work. 

sewing blog

sewing blog

sewing blog cheryl

sewing blog char

sewing blog

A lot of charitable work is created here by making quilts, pillow cases, baby blankets, little dresses, etc. for needy people in the community and sometimes over seas.  These busy bees make a great contribution with their labor of love.

sewing blog

Since I was in the neighborhood, I made a quick stop at the stained glass room.  Even though there was a sign on the door about being closed for a class, they were kind and didn’t chase me out.  I caught them hard at work at their masterpieces.

glass blog

glass blog flo

glass blog

glass blog manson

glass blog

glass blog

glass blog

Right next door is the pottery room and there were a few folks working in there too.

pottery blog

pottery blog

pottery blog

pottery blog

These craft rooms are always busy.

On the way home, while camera was still charged, I found a few more Creekers enjoying the day.

pool room blog

pickleball blog

I believe pickleball has the largest group of participants.  Their bulletin board tells the story about how many different levels of play, times of play, lessons, etc. etc.  There should be some play for everyone at all skill levels.

pickle ball blog

Tuesday must be men’s day by the looks of the golf course.


Shuffleboard was just gearing up and cleaning the courts to get ready for play.


It looks like work continues with the construction of the Palm Creek float.  Must be ready for the big parade this coming weekend.


Whoops….must run and help get set up for the big bingo game tonight.  Have a good day!


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