Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Eating, Beading, and Computer Club

I always seem to have an abundance of photos of people eating.  I must find other activities.  We had a great time at the craft fair Tuesday!  Lots of new vendors and lots of places to spend our money.  I bought a couple nice items for Christmas presents.  I’m making it a goal to purchase gifts from local vendors and craftsmen instead of from the big box stores.  With the economy as it is, it is a small way to support individuals who are out there trying to raise an extra buck or two.  Lunch on the patio at pool side was a great treat. 




THANK YOU to all the volunteers who make these events so successful.  Volunteering for this type of event is a great way to meet new people and get involved in all the activities.


I salute the chefs too!!  Great hamburgers and treats from the grill.  Ben Jost just walked away so I didn’t capture his smiling face in this photo.  Sorry about that Ben.


Later in the afternoon I went up to get our mail from the mailbox and came across this group that calls themselves the “Bodacious Beaders”.  It is just a group of gals who like to work on beading projects.  They bring their work stations and chat away as they each work on individual projects.  It reminded me of an old fashioned quilting bee without the quilt.  Meeting at the pavillion was perfect for a nice sunny day.




Sharon Marchant was there sharing her expertise with the beading trade.  Sharon is a professional beader:  she creates original jewelry and craft pieces and enters contests with her works of art.  Sharon will hold individual classes or you can gather a group of friends together for a small class.  Just give Sharon a call at Site 1700 (7700).  She also travels with an entire store full of beads, findings, and beading tools.  Watch for her at all the patio sales this season as she usually puts out a supply for sale.  Sign up in Activities for some of Sharon’s classes this coming season.  Check out her awards and creations at her website:  Life Songs Bead Design



Wednesday morning was the first session of the Palm Creek Computer Club.  We were excited to see so many members there so early in the season.  Mike Salter (this year’s president) has a whole list of great topics for upcoming meetings.  You can read our minutes and agendas at the club blog:  Computer Club

Computer Club blog

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