Thursday, August 18, 2011

Yup, Another Haboob

Friday – August 19

Here is a link to the newspaper article about yesterday’s storm:  Haboob Report

And… is another link sent by Ken Brownell:  Phoenix storm

Yes, if you watched the weather stations tonight, you may have seen that we had another haboob this afternoon.  You can read the full story on the 12 news channel at this link:  Another Storm.   This still didn’t come close to the July 5 dandy, but it was certainly fun to watch from the inside safety of our home.



We actually had a little rain after the dust passed through.  I doubt it was a measureable amount, but it was indeed rain.  The weird part was that we could hear it raining on our metal patio roof and the car got wet, but the streets never really got wet.  The water seemed to hit the hot pavement and evaporated before the blacktop became wet.  Anyway….we’ll have a dandy mess to clean up tomorrow.  While wind gusts were up to 39 mph, I don’t think there was any damage in the park.  Phoenix, Chandler, and ELOY got hit a lot stronger than we did.  There were 25 buildings in Eloy that sustained significant damage with blown off roofs, downed trees, and downed power poles.  We’ll definitely drive around the park tomorrow morning at day break but I don’t think we’ll find anything damaged.


At least the storm gave us a fantastic sunset and a lovely rainbow. 




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