Saturday, August 06, 2011

Park Newsletter

After all the GOOD news about big business coming to Casa Grande happy-girl

and the BAD  news about the insecurity of our federal government,panic button


I hope conversations can simmer down to a calmer level.  Let’s get back to tidbits from around the park starting with the August newsletter.


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Wow….in spite of all that, summer life goes on.  A few hardy cactus blossoms occasionally appear:

Verna blog

Wayne and Verna Sheppard hit it lucky when they planted this cactus as it seems to continually send forth blossoms year round.

verna blog


Water aerobics continues:

swim blog

Another house dons new solar panels:

lou blog

Lou doesn’t like to spend time at her computer so I told her I’d post a picture to say “hi'” to her kids back home.

lou blog

Don and I were out on rounds the other morning when I yelled “SNAKE”.  Upon further investigation, it was a plastic fooler but sure looked real as we were driving past.  Several folks have these plastic devils coiled up in their gardens.  It is always exciting to come upon one for the first time.  And before you ask:  No.  We’ve never seen a real snake inside the park in the six years we’ve lived here.

snake blog

Whoever lives at 673 can chuckle and say “Gotcha”.  Surprised smile

snake blog

New Vendor to introduce:

Our refrigerator’s ice maker went on the fritz last week so we had to call an appliance repairman.  Jeff from Jeff’s Appliance Repair came to the rescue again.  (He has been here before on a different repair.)  I want to add Jeff to our own personal list of approved vendors as he is such a nice young man hoping to expand his own business here in Casa Grande.  His service call was only $15.  You won’t find many businesses that will come to your house at that rate!  Jeff’s expertise is in home appliances like washers, dryers, refrigerators, microwaves, ranges, dishwashers, etc.  Keep his number handy in case you have need for that type of service.  520-431-1234     Jeff does have the liability insurance required by the park even though he doesn’t really need it since the work he performs is inside our homes.  I’ll add his name to my “recommended vendor” list at the top of the blog page.

I guess that’s all I have to write about for today so will sign off.


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