Thursday, August 25, 2011

September Newsletter

Today is another Thursday so Don and I drove down to Chick-Fil-A for our weekly breakfast.  We not only had a great FREE breakfast, but had fun chatting with the other Palm Creekers that were there enjoying their meal.  We also met the young good-looking man who owns the restaurant (Nathan Vickroy) and got a chance to thank him for such a generous promotion.  When you return to us this season, put Chick-Fil-A on your calendar so you stop in and thank Nathan for his generosity…..and let’s be sure to BUY an occasional meal too.


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Here is a chance to support Casa Grande local schools.  Start saving now.
















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When you golfers stroll around the course this coming season and you spot those nice looking yardage markers, you can thank Bill Wrightson for his painstaking care of painting and touching up the paint colors.  Bill volunteers endless time at helping to keep our golf course looking its best.

Bill golf signs blog

bill golf signs blog

Speaking of endless tasks, there are all the small maintenance chores that happen all summer…..and when you come back you’ll never know how hard folks had to work to get it done.  We stopped to chat with Neil while he was replacing a broken stop sign post broken off from one of our recent dust storms.

Neil blog

I’ve watched this gentleman shovel gravel into a wheelbarrow ALL DAY and spread it out around driveways and homes in the area.  Then he takes the time to sweep away any dust he may have left behind.  It is 111 degrees out there!  I think he could work circles around any other 10 people!


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