Monday, August 01, 2011

Just More Dust

You may have heard about the lovely rain Phoenix and Tucson have been having……………..but we just get more DUST here.  <sigh>  Before the dust arrived yesterday afternoon, we could see lovely rain clouds on the horizon but they just seem to break up and go around us.  Casa Grande seems to be in a bit of a doughnut hole when it comes to weather.

dust blog

I see they’ve started trimming the palm tree fronds already.  It is a massive project and will take quite a while.  I’ll try to get some better pictures when I catch up to the crew.  This morning I just snapped these photos because of the sad looking tree between sites 9 & 10 that was hit by the lightning.  I can see where the top is all splintered so I’m sure the tree will need to be replaced.  Should be fun to watch.  Hope I’m there with a camera when it happens.  Maybe if I bribe Fernando, he’ll give me a heads up when they’re ready.

trees blog

trees blog


I’ve had readers ask where they can find the awesome photo of the big dust storm we had in July (donated by Diane Bedford) so here is a quick lesson on how to navigate this blog in more detail.

If you scroll down the right hand side of the blog just below the little white weather box, you’ll see the “Blog Archive” that lists the post titles by month and day and year.  If you click on the little gray arrow in front of the date, a drop down list will appear so you can see more detail.  When you see the title you are looking for, just click on it and the page will refresh and appear with the blog story you’re looking for.  In this case, you’ll see in big capital letters “MAJOR MASSIVE DUST STORM”.  Click on that and that day’s post will appear.  To save a copy of that photograph, just right click on it and choose “save picture as”.  A dialogue box will appear letting you save the photo onto your computer.  If you are using Windows Live Mail, you will easily be able to email that photo as well. 

Way up at the TOP of the home page is a small search box where you can enter a key word to help you find a particular topic.  Use “lightning” as an example.  Type in lightning, hit enter, and the most recent posts that contain the word lightning will appear.


If you feel like cruising through some other personal blogs, you can do so by clicking on “next blog” and it will randomly surf to another person’s page.  You never know what you’ll see, however, so be prepared.  Most of them are just family stories….but ya never know these days.

If you would like to comment about a particular story, click on “comment” at the bottom of the day’s post.  A dialogue box will open and you can type in a comment that other readers will be able to see.


There is also a little white envelope icon at the bottom of each post allowing you to email that post to a friend.

At the bottom of each post are three small check boxes so you can give me feedback if you found the story interesting or if it was boring.  I like to look at those.

When you want to return to the regular home page, just click on “home” at the top. An easy way to get to the top is by hitting “control” and the “home” key.

AND………..PLEASE remember to sign the guestbook at the top of the blog.  Other readers really enjoy reading your comments there too and they enjoy seeing where you are from. 


The “recommended vendors” page is strictly my input based on personal experiences we’ve encountered while living here in the park.  No kickback for posting them here….I just want to advertise their business because of the excellent service we’ve received from them.

I will be giving an instructional class about BLOGS when the computer club starts up again this season.  Come join us.  Cruising through blogs can be very entertaining.  I’ll also be presenting a session about the Palm Creek website. 

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