Saturday, August 20, 2011

Guestbook Entries

To all readers – and especially those of you who write on the guestbook page:
Writing this blog has brought huge rewards and has been my salvation for getting through these long HOT summers when outdoor activities are extremely limited.  My keyboard and I are very good friends by now as we spend many hours together.  Don and I frequently get asked why we stay here in the heat instead of heading off to cooler climates.  Our answer is the same:  “Because we like it here.”  After four years of being full-time RVers, we’ve seen all the sites we want to see and have done all the traveling we care to do.  We’ve been settled in here for six years so far and haven’t gotten bored yet.woman

Living full time in Palm Creek is like living in two different worlds because of the extreme difference between “season” and “off season”.  We don’t have a spring and fall or summer & winter.  Our year is divided between the time when we’re surrounded by friends and bountiful activities with a full calendar of events and then the other months when it is rare to even see a golf cart or car drive down the street (other than our busy maintenance and landscape crews of course).  The view from our kitchen window changes drastically also.  The three blocks north of us are wide open during summer (off season) with a nice view of the mountains in the distance.  During season those three blocks are filled with beautiful expensive motor homes and RVs and are bursting with activity as people come and go for their daily playground adventures and happy hours.  We thoroughly enjoy meeting new people and revisiting with established friends.  If you should see us sitting out on our patio, please stop by and say howdy.  We don’t plan formal ‘get togethers’ but just enjoy it when folks stop by and the crowd grows.  We can always find more chairs.

house (4)Besides that…..we can’t leave now as we’re obligated to stay and watch over many of your homes while you are away.  Our little housewatch program has grown and keeps us delightfully  busy.  There is always the occasional home we find where the AC unit quit, the sprinkler system died or springs a leak, antifreeze evaporates and fills the home with lovely sewer odor, water buckets to refill, wind damage to get repaired, blown off car covers to retrieve, occasional scorpions to elude, spider webs to weave through, and this year drain fly mysteries to solve.  Don and I both carry our cameras everywhere and enjoy sending photos after each house tour and hearing comments back from the owners.  Life is good.

Obviously, readers enjoy visiting the blog to see what’s happening in your home away from home and we enjoy hearing what you are doing too.  The guestbook page is designed exactly for that purpose.  Take a moment to write a note and say hello.

I really enjoyed hearing from Al Roussy this week when he saw the ‘snake’ photo on the blog. 
“We live at site 673 and sorry if our snake gave you a fright. The wind must have blown it off the gravel. We have been a resident of PC for 6 years now and we spend from mid October to the end of March at PC. Betty leads the PC Chorus and also is a Host on Saturday. I am a Ranger on Saturday and play lots of golf. Thank you for this's always great to read and see the pictures.  Al and Betty Roussy  Vancouver BC”
My friend, Gerry Daniels, leaves a note quite frequently:  I have my Laptop set up to AZ and saw the warnings and then checked the radar.  It did not look good. I checked your blog this morning glad to hear that it was not as bad as the earlier one but I guess other areas were not as lucky.
Kris Riedel from Ohio writes: 
LOL! Thanks for pix of "our palm tree" coming down--when we bought Lot 10
I went out to pick up a frond  barehanded not knowing the trees had
thorns! Needless to say I dropped it really fast.
Enjoying the pix of places going in on Shimmering Sands too.

And I enjoy reading what your weather is like.  Bobbi and Lee Seebolt from Baltimore wrote:  We are really enjoying the blog, the updates and all of the pictures of Palm Creek-thanks so much for doing that! Just wanted you all to know that it was 108 degrees here in Baltimore last week, with about 70% humidity. We broke every record since 1877, when Baltimore started keeping records, it was 106 at the airport. It is like a sauna out there. today is the big cool down to 91!

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