Saturday, August 27, 2011

Thursday night storm

Connie and I rode my golf cart over to Lynne Rogers’ for dinner and cards Thursday night.  Nice clear HOT evening but no hint of a storm in sight.  While we were playing cards, we could hear the wind start to blow so peeked out the front door.  Slammed it shut right away because of all the DIRT flying around out there.  A few minutes later we heard RAIN and lots of it.  Tried to stand out on Lynne’s patio to watch but found ourselves getting too wet as the wind was howling with lots of loud thunder and streaks of lightning.  It actually rained sideways for a while giving my golf cart a thorough wash.  The whole storm only lasted about 20 minutes and we had about a quarter inch of rain.  Finally!  I won’t complain about the soggy cart seats for driving home later that evening as it was so nice to have had some rain even if it was fleeting.


Friday morning I had to get up early to help serve at the pancake breakfast up at the club house.  There was only one report of damage from the previous night’s storm and that occurred right in the over-night parking area where one of the trash dumpsters actually got blown across the parking lot and rammed into a big 5th wheel that was parked in the lot.  There had to have been a small microburst in the area to generate that much force!  The dumpster was 2/3 full so was heavy by itself.  It blew across the gravel, down the curb, across the paved parking lot and still had the force to ram into the parked 5th wheel so hard that it actually broke through the side of the rig. 

storm blog

storm blog  OUCH!!

With wind gusts that strong, it is amazing that we didn’t have more damage.  Just found two houses with loose skirting and a tipped over BBQ grill. 

The pancake breakfast was great…………thank you Linda and Diane.  We had some good laughs during our time in the hot kitchen with ovens going and the 400 degree grill emanating heat waves over us kitchen staff.  Big dollars were spent this summer upgrading the air conditioning in the ballroom.  We will ALL benefit from that! 

pancakes blog

pancakes blog

My camera stayed in my pocket for the rest of the morning so I didn’t get photos of the people in attendance.  Sorry about that…………..but you’ve seen them eating before.  Laughing out loud

Not much else happening this week other than some beautiful cactus blooms in front of 1703 (Les and Betty Jacobsen).

jacobsen 1703 blog

jacobsen 1703 blog

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