Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pickleball Video

I am very remiss about checking on the other Palm Creek blogs that are available at:


PickleballManI was just surfing over there and saw this video from the March 2011 tournament.  It is awesome!  Congrats to whoever did the video and editing.  Check it out at:  Pickleball Tournament    Actually, I saw Rosemary Reese this morning as we were both in the Activities Room to get our new cookbooks and she asked if I had seen the video.

Pickleball-Ball copyOnce the season gets in full swing, I won’t be writing very often because I’ll finally be OUTSIDE playing instead of hibernating indoors in my AC.  Be sure to watch the blogs from all the active clubs because that is where the action will be.  If there are any clubs that want to start a blog on that site, I’ll be glad to help you get set up.    



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