Thursday, June 02, 2016

Welcome to the Thirsty Donkey!

Exciting news for all of us!  A new restaurant/sportsbar is opening on Florence Boulevard where "The Place" and "The Gym" used to reside.  This one is called the "Thirsty Donkey" and plans to open by the first week of July.  

We saw activity there today so Don and I stopped in to say hello.  It was good timing as we got to meet the new owners:  Justin and Wensda Serfass.  (Yes, I spelled her name correctly.)  
Justin and Wensda Serfass

The Thirsty Donkey is appropriately named as a "tap house and sports grill".  A very special feature will be the self-serve beer taps with over 40 brands of craft and specialty beers.  Self-Serve???  Yes. 

 When you check in, you receive a wristband and then tap the sign by the beer you wish to try.  The band measures exactly how much is poured so you can just take small samples to try several brands.

Here is a link to a video that will demonstrate how the system works:

I believe Justin said there are only six bars across the country that are currently using the system and he hopes to be the first in this area.

The specialty for the restaurant will be Philly Cheese Steaks like those served back East where Justin originates.  They will also be making their own fresh bread daily making their sandwiches extra special.  

Here is a sample DRAFT of their menu (subject to change).

Justin and Wensda also keep a Facebook page where you can oversee their remodeling.

With a weather forecast like we face this week, we'll be ready for a place that supplies a nice cold beer and serves our dinner so we don't have to heat up our kitchen and cook at home.

The whole state is in for some summer heat.

Whoops.......I've never seen a typo on a weather map before.  Check out the forecast temp for Casa Grande.  Ouch!