Wednesday, June 15, 2016

All in a Day's Work

I was scrolling through some of the hundreds of photos we take in a week's time and thought it might be fun to share some mundane silly stuff with you and let you follow along on some of our daily house watch routines.  Don spends a lot of his time inspecting and repairing irrigation lines.

Plastic hoses and connections can disintegrate in our summer sun.

Many different kinds of controllers and timers to check.

We make numerous trips to Home Depot for replacement parts.  Use brass instead of plastic.

Tips can decide to pop off at any time.  We keep a healthy supply of tips and wire ties on hand in our golf cart.

We carry extra batteries too.  If the batteries in the thermostat die, the thermostat almost always drops down to about 70 and tries to cool the house.  When its 110 outside, this may cause a huge electric bill.

Of course, there's always time for observing nature.

Awww.......these little chicks were just hatched.  Egg shell still in the nest.

We buy Glad Press and Seal at Sam's Club as we sure go through a lot of it to cover toilets.

Lots of buckets to rinse and refill every day.

Flush all the drains to keep the traps clean and full of water.

Sometimes we find where UPS or FedEx have delivered a package.

Love it when folks leave us a friendly message.

Sometimes we get creative with our photos just to liven things up.

And sometimes we just enjoy being here in beautiful Palm Creek.

Have a GREAT day!!