Monday, June 27, 2016


Sometimes its hard to find something exciting enough to post but a topic always seems to surface.  Suzette Taylor bailed me out today by sending some nice photos for you to enjoy.  Sunsets and sunrises are always pretty in Arizona. 

Suzette Taylor

Suzette Taylor

Suzette was lucky enough to have a roadrunner visit her on the patio!  We don't seem to see many of these birds lately so its always a treat to find them around.

Suzette Taylor
 Bill and Sue Leeson will be thrilled to get this photo we took at their house this morning.  Mama dove is determined to nest at their house in spite of the deterrent spikes placed on this beam.  That takes dedication!  

Here's a photo going down Putter Place where the palm trees haven't been pruned yet.  We call all the white debris from the blossoms our Arizona snow.


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