Saturday, June 11, 2016

New houses + Bingo

Phase 3 isn't the only place where new houses are arriving.  Here come two more on the south end on Cole Circle.

We see digging and activity all around the resort as maintenance continues to repair and upgrade the maze of underground irrigation lines.  It is no easy task to dig a hole like this!!!

Hi to good friend, Lillie Corbitt on her way to work.   

We have a welcomed relief to the heat wave!  The hundreds aren't a problem for us but when it goes over 110............that's HOT.  See those nice evening 70s temps?  That makes for a lovely morning when we're all outside for activities.

The girls stopped in at Firehouse Subs for dinner last night.

It's the first time I was ever inside their building.  It's really decorated nicely!  Part of their funds go to support our local fire department.

This was our first visit but definitely won't be the last.  Looks like we'll be able to pull some tables together for the "gang" when we dine out.......and the sandwiches were delicious!  

I particularly liked this mural painted up on the wall showing our city hall.

We vote "YES" for this place.

Diane Reese, Candy Konz, Nancy Flader

After dinner came bingo at the American Legion.  Candy won two games in a row!  Diane bingoed on the final blackout game but had to share with two other winners.  I won a special game too.  Sorry Nancy..........but she won two games the last time she came with me.  We had a FUN evening!