Saturday, June 25, 2016

Correction about digging

Uh Oh................I made a booboo in my post yesterday.  I showed these photos and said the digging was for new irrigation lines.  I was WRONG.  These are for the fiber optic cable to make our TV and internet service better!  Yahoo!!

·         TV will be upgraded to all digital.  Some channels will be in HD, but the details of that are yet to be determined. More channels will be available than we have now, but again, we don’t know the details.

·         Internet… Putting in Fiber optic lines will greatly improve the reliability of the system. Resort will be sliced into 10 sections. A noise problem (Commonly seen as a severe slow-down in service) will be much more isolated, impacting the section it is located in and not affecting the other sections. This reduces the problem resort wide, and also makes it a whole lot easier to find.  The overall bandwidth available to the system will also increase to allow for the faster service.  We're anxious for an announcement later this summer.

The whole project is under construction and negotiation so details aren't available but it all looks very promising.  

I stopped up at the office yesterday to pick up a package so had to say howdy to folks along the way.  Bill Strauchon seems very pleased with the new flooring in the billiards room as it makes the room much quieter.

Ed Brown just strolled through to check out the action.

Monday is the last day to buy your tickets for the upcoming July 1 BBQ in the ballroom.  Barbie Rasmussen will be glad to sell you some.

Christy was busy on the phone as I walked past.

Say hello to the Mahjong players.  We see them in the Adobe Room several days a week.

I love to listen as they call out the names of the bam, two birdie, six sticks, .....or whatever the names are.  I've not learned this game yet but they love to play.


I received some cute golf jokes this week: