Friday, June 24, 2016

Heat and Rootbeer Floats

The forecast looks promising to cool down below 110.  It might be psychological, but anything over 110 really feels HOT.  When you drive down the street in a golf cart, the wind against your skin actually feels like its burning and your eyeballs dry out.  All the jokes you read about needing a hot pad to buckle your seat belt or touch the steering wheel are TRUE.

Soooo.....with all that heat outdoors, we'd better cool down with some rootbeer floats.  Thank you again to MaryAnn Brown and crew for rustling up our treat.

For some reason, my photos today were a tad blurry.  Maybe my camera lens was melting?....or I was just anxious to get at my rootbeer float before it melted.

We were happy to see Fred and Cheryl DeHart able to join us today!  All our poker players send best wishes to Fred.

The fun part of these events is the opportunity to meet newcomers.

Say hello and welcome to Carl Collette and Jane Gray who just bought a new home on Mulligan Lane.  I was sooooo very flattered to hear their story as they said my blog played a major role in their decision to visit Palm Creek.  They are full-time RVers looking for a place to settle.  While researching sites, they found my blog so headed our direction.  When they drove in the gate, they said it felt like they already knew all about the resort.  It certainly didn't take them long to pick out a new house here.  Their comments will certainly bolster my motivation to keep writing.

Speaking of thank yous, I'll send out another one about the kind gifts we receive from others who say thanks for the blog and for our house watch program.  We LOVE the restaurant gift cards we receive.  Its like a special treat!

This one was compliments of Ron and Lois Paul at Ihop.  It made for a GREAT morning!

While we hide from the heat, other Arizonians are not as fortunate as they work outdoors.  Work hours in the summer are 5:00 a.m. to about 1:00 in the afternoon. as the afternoons are just tooooo hot.  I complain about driving a golf cart through the heat but how would you like to be digging a trench in the full sunshine?

Yards and yards of irrigation lines are being replaced this summer.

The new homes on Shimmering Desert are receiving their palm trees today.

Fernando says he tries to get in four trees per day.

A crew works daily on trimming the palm trees.  I can only imagine how tiring it would be to handle that chain saw up there reaching out around the tree.  My arms and back ache just watching.

Then a crew follows along to pick up all the debris.

We call these palm blossoms our "Arizona snow" as this white stuff falls all over.

All this debris will go to our recycling piles.



Ahoy!  Here comes another house just entering through the north gate.

It was a tight corner without much clearance.

It was a woman driving the rig!  Yes!  Good job!!  We gave her the thumbs up signal and she looks proud.

Later, we found the house neatly installed at 1092 on Cole Circle.

Other devotees still brave the cooler morning temps.

We tried to give Dave Hebert a tough time while he teed off.

He was just a tad short of the green with a lovely shot despite our harrassment.

Some of you may recognize Dave better when he is aboard his mighty go cart.  Way to go Dave!

Wave hello to MaryAnn as Ed drives her off to work at the Activities office.

Cactus flowers continue to bloom despite the heat.  These were spotted at Barry and Nancy Smith's home along Sandy Desert Drive.

Watermelon makes a wonderful treat in the hot weather.  Don made short work of cutting up this gem.  He watched a demo on You Tube and decided this was the fastest most efficient carving method.  After watching him, I have to agree.  It does require a sharp knife though to easily cut off all the rind.  Then its easy to cut into any shape and size desired. 

Since it's too hot outdoors, we play indoors.  Here's our usual gang to play Pegs & Jokers in the afternoon.

We're into official Monsoon season now....and sure enough, here comes the first afternoon dust storm.  The wind suddenly picked up and brought a cloud of hazy dust over the scene.

The weather station had some good pictures.

Okay.............that's enough for today.  I have to get showered and take a nap before I head up to play cards.  It's a rough life, eh??


An elderly couple had dinner at another couple's house, and after eating, the wives left the table and went into the kitchen. 
The two gentlemen were talking, and one said, 'Last night we went out to a new restaurant and it was really great.
.. I would recommend it very highly.' 
The other man said, 'What is the name of the restaurant?'
The first man thought and thought and finally said, 'What is the name of that flower you give to someone you love?
You know... The one that's red and has thorns.'
'Do you mean a rose?'
'Yes, that's the one,' replied the man. He then turned towards the kitchen and yelled, 'Rose, what's the name of that restaurant we went to last night?


An elderly gentleman...
Had serious hearing problems for a number of years. He went to the doctor and the doctor was able to have him fitted for a set of hearing aids that allowed the gentleman to hear 100%.
    The elderly gentleman went back in a month to the doctor and the doctor said, 'Your hearing is perfect.  Your family must be really pleased that you can hear again.'   The gentleman replied, 'Oh, I haven't told my family yet.   I just sit around and listen to the conversations.  I've changed my will three times!'