Thursday, April 07, 2016

Winners & Farewells & Flowers

Congratulations to Ron Myers for winning first place in the Texas Hold'em Tournament.

Ron Myers & Tom Langwell

 Tony Kovach won the Omaha Hi/Low Tournament of Champions
Tom Langwell & Tony Kovach
We send a sincere THANK YOU to the folks who worked so hard on our poker games this season.  Here's a cheer to all the Directors and Dealers who made it possible.  We also salute the dedicated folks who taught the lessons on Wednesday mornings.  The tournaments have become so popular that we are sometimes maxed out on room to play as the Adobe Room fills to the brim on some game nights.  

Vivian Reynolds won a Monday night bingo jackpot.

Peggy Browne, Vivian Reynolds
 Salute to Marilyn Goeken who served as our Food Services Manager over the past years.  She did a fantastic job of coordinating all our huge events and overseeing and ordering food for all occasions.  Enjoy your retirement Marilyn!
Marilyn Goeken, Retired Food Services Manager

This crazy little cactus plant on Cole Circle always attracts my attention as it is dressed for each month's occasion.  

Now, however, the decorations are gone.  Let the owners know they are missed.

Speaking of cactus plants......look at this beauty with it's many yellow blossoms.  Come see it while they last.  Located over on Sandy Dessert.

I spotted this little fellow this morning right next door.  

Also spotted this very unusual orange?? rose bush in full bloom.

This one belongs to Flo Fillipi.

Flo just retired as the leader of Monday night Bingo.  Flo has been in charge since bingo begin here in the park many moons ago.  Peggy stopped over at Flo's this morning to get help filling out the required forms for the state bingo association.

ME, Flo Fillipi, Peggy Browne

This cactus plant caught my attention too.  Look how the mass of blossoms line up along the thin row of thorns.  Mother Nature is so creative.

I hope you've all noticed and appreciated our beautiful flowers and landscaping this season.

Palm Park looks lovely.

The walkway up to the main building always looks regal with its tall palms.

Arizona landscaping is awesome.  The vegetation around the sales office is so pretty.

We thank the Arizona bees for pollinating all our beautiful flowers.  We carry this mascot in our golf cart.  

Have a GREAT day everyone!!