Sunday, April 24, 2016

Airplanes, new houses, people, doves

Patti Illston at Site 1941 leaves her potted cactus plants on the covered patio while she is away for the summer.  I water them once each month on our inspection visits.

Mama dove watches over the plants very carefully as she nests here each year.  It's really a perfect place for her nest....quiet, secluded, and shaded.  I imagine it takes Patti a while to clean up after her "renters".

I spotted this HUGE crane at work over by the main lake on #9 of the golf course.

I had to stay and watch as the driver skillfully navigated the crane back to a truck to pick up this heavy motor or pump thingy.

He very gracefully lowered it into perfect position.

This is just a sample of the huge summer projects that keep our park so nice and attractive.  Our winter guests don't get to see the work it takes to maintain the resort.

The park model on the sales street is being moved to a new location as there is a proud new owner for it.

Our April mornings have been absolutely perfect so pickleball players rejoice.  Still 36 active players on this day.

The poker family still meets nightly for some friendly competition.

From my patio with my morning coffee, I watched the RC planes in a dogfight battle.  I hopped in the cart and drove over for a closer look. 

Gene Bond
All three of these men (Gene, Brian, and Ron) acquired their plane hobby while here at Palm Creek.  The club has 65 members, meets monthly, has elected officers, work details, and flying events.  I didn't realize the group was that large and so organized.
Brian Younge
 I was invited to sit in the pilot's seat of Ron St. Pierre's helicopter.  With the camera mounted on the front of his aircraft, I saw exactly what the pilot would see.  A chair is required as Ron says people can sometimes get motion sickness or fall over off balance.

As you can see by the big smile on my face......I LOVED IT.  How fun!  It reminded me of our days of flying in our AirCam plane.  I'm glad Don wasn't along as he doesn't need another expensive hobby in addition to his flight sim equipment.

Here's Ron flying the helicopter I "rode in".

Ron St. Pierre

The new homes keep arriving as Phase 3 continues to grow.


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