Saturday, April 16, 2016

Water Heaters

Don and I have heard (AND SEEN) how a leaking hot water heater can ruin an entire kitchen floor and if not detected soon enough, can cause molding and thereby new kitchen cabinets and dry wall as well.  What an unwelcome mess it can cause!  Realizing that our home is now over 12 years old, Don did some careful research and got several quotes from a couple local vendors.  We decided to do some preventive maintenance and replace our two water heaters with new ones to avoid potential disaster.

Son's Plumbing earned first place through pleasant customer service, prompt follow up, pricing, and professional work.  If you're ever in the market for plumbing service, call Phillip Smit.  He certainly earned our respect with his attention to our job.

I don't know how interested you'll be in learning about water heaters, but I'm posting this anyway because I thought it was fascinating.

Step one is to drain the existing tank.  They hooked up a hose and let it drain into the street.

Yuck!  Look at the thick gunk that had accumulated in the bottom of the tank.  This is just a small sample of the ugly stuff.

Here's what it looked like when they removed the tank.

New tank.

A pan is now inserted to protect the kitchen from any leaking water for the future.

All done.

We also had Phillip install this little drain thingy so if the pan would overflow, the water would flow outside.  

Next came the water heater located in the bathroom of our add-on room.

This definitely required working in tight spaces.

The leaking or over flow protection for this unit will be an alarm that sounds when water is detected in the pan.

Since a plumber was headed our way, I sweet-talked Don into getting me one of those instant hot water tanks for the kitchen sink so I could enjoy a quick cup of hot tea, cocoa, or soup at the touch of a button.  Yes......our Keurig coffee maker can heat water too but not nearly as fast or as hot.  I'm spoiled.  I admit it and Don is a push over for any kind of a gadget.

  I'm excited!  Thank you, Dear.

Now I can enjoy my hot tea while playing with my iPad.