Sunday, April 03, 2016

Time to Pack Up

For many of our residents, it's time to start packing for that long trip home........back to whatever weather is waiting for you.  Safe travels!

I haven't posted for a while...........mainly because how many pictures of farewell happy hours do you care to view?!  

I do have two cute pictures left over from the Luau that are worth sharing, however.

Here's one of our General Manager, Lisa Harold, as she was handing our leis at the party and stopped to chat with Jim Dawson and his wife, Laura.  

I'm sure you've noticed the beautiful work done on our monthly Happenings newsletter.  We can largely thank Barb Poole for stepping in to temporarily master the job.  Here she is GLADLY welcoming Cristin Zanocco as the new Social Media Coordinator.  Barb will return next season to resume her duties as our Facebook and Happenings Coordinator.

As our snowbird residents depart, they tend to leave traces of happiness behind.  Have you seen our glass recycling tubs lately?

Not a single food jar in sight except for the occasional olive or cherry jar.

Here's a farewell cheer to the friends who must leave us.

Check back frequently to keep in touch with our activities here while you are away.