Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Tiffin Rally Feedback

Our weather has been so PERFECT that I can't stand to stay in the house.  I'm even posting this as I sit outside on my patio.  Good thing I have a strong battery in this laptop.

I rode up to the mailroom this morning and spotted this group setting up a tent area for serving the rally members their lunch.  It's a hard working crew!

Say hello to Robin Perry -- she is our new Food Manager.  What a great way to put her to the test.  Nothing like serving lunch and dinner to over 500 people for the first week on the job.

I bet these guys are getting tired of cooking burgers.

I stopped to meet the rally folks.  Sally (center) is the "head honcho" for the rally and just raved about how lovely everything is going for their events.  She said the food is GREAT and everyone is so friendly and well organized.  All the participants I've met have high praises for being here.  Makes me proud to call Palm Creek my home!

Quite a few rally attendees are extending their stay to further enjoy our resort.