Thursday, June 14, 2012


New Homes for our Owls:
This article appeared in the Dispatch last week regarding homes for the owls in our neighborhood.  It is obviously not a small task to build new homes for the birds as the trench is 6 ft deep with 6ft of piping on both sides of the central cavity (bucket).  This was built over at the new high school so should provide homes for some of the birds in our area.  We send a special thank you to all the volunteers that helped with the project.  (Yes, the owls outside our front gate are still there....undisturbed.) 

The new Ocotillo Room is getting some finishing touches this morning as we saw this big cement truck churning away.

I loved this photo of the woman truck driver resting in the shade while the crew moved wheelbarrows full of concrete.  You go girl!!

The golf course is getting its needed aeration again.

Fencing has been installed all around the north 40 as we call it where the new construction is starting.  Authorized vehicles only so I'll need a bigger zoom lens to get close ups.

The water truck is spraying constantly to try to keep the dust to a minimum.  Good luck with that.  :)

The softball field looks like giant termite or gopher mounds while they dig up all the sprinkler system. final photo to share with you today.  Look at this awesome cute nightlight I spotted in one of the houses we watch.  I laughed right out loud when I saw it.  I think it is adorable.  Those of us who have seen the movie called "A Christmas Story" will know exactly what it is about.  I got permission from Tom Gottfried to use the photo here. 

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