Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy Birthday, Linda Balzan

We have a sad story about that nest of duck eggs we've been watching ever so closely.  The eggs have disappeared without a trace......but Sandy Morin and her group of early morning golfers did spot a coyote running along #16 not far from where the eggs used to be.  We spotted three adult ducks swimming in the creek this morning so stay tuned for further developments.

  Work continues over in the construction area as the ballfield slowly disappears. 
Surveyors have been at work and the golf course lots are staked out along the proposed new street.  Even the house numbers are posted.
 Orange flags and site numbers line the far side of the course.

Happy Birthday to Linda Balzan!  We had a little surprise party for her this morning to celebrate her big day.

The cast of attendees huddled over in the corner so we could yell out "Surprise" when Linda entered the ballroom.

Linda thought she was going to attend a staff meeting so all members were present for the cake and coffee.  I thought it was a great time for a group photo as we don't get to see them all together very often.

From Left to Right:  Roger Balzan
Ashton Wolfswinkel
Dora Rocha
Diane Gaines
Wendell Johnson
Gary Lambert
Linda Balzan
Jim Dawson
Ann Lykens is away on summer vacation.
 Ashton Wolfswinkel
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