Saturday, June 09, 2012

Construction Starts Today!

The local Dillard's store cordially invited us Palm Creek ladies to a little special shopping event Friday morning.  We were treated to some cosmetics demonstrations, bra fittings, and special Father's Day gift selections.  Then we toured around the store searching for some hidden canisters where we could deposit our raffle tickets for a drawing at the end of the event as we enjoyed the delicious muffins, juice, and coffee that was provided for us.


I was excited to meet up with Chris Mays in her new job at the Lancome cosmetics department.  Chris and her husband Jim used to live here in the park so many of us knew Chris well.  Chis introduced us to some nice face serums and lotions.

Avis liked the hydrating cream after all her pickleball and golfing sun.

Sandy Morin, Lynne Rogers, and Liz all won nice door prizes.  Dillards sponsors these outings several times during the season.  Grab a friend and head out there sometime.  It was fun.

Afterward, I came home to find our new Trane air conditioner being installed by the dedicated hard working guys from Tri-Core.  Our choice was to invest $2000 for new parts and repairs into an 8 year old machine OR buy a new Trane with a 10-year parts warranty.  It was an easy decision.

It was a busy day as Friday night is Bingo night at the American favorite place to play the game.  Most of the people that attend are "regulars" so we've gotten to know most of them and its a nice friendly group. 

Connie Morin and I love the double action game so buy a couple extra cards.  I really had a wonderfully successful and exciting evening as I won FOUR times that night and brought home some nice bucks.  Yahoo!!  I don't know if I'll be welcomed back next week but I believe I'll be there anyway. 

Today marks the beginning of the construction for the new pickleball courts and ballfield area.  There were several big machines toiling away early this morning.  Yes....I'll keep you posted on the progress.

I had to chuckle at this picture below.  Quite a few residents have put artificial doves out on their railings in an attempt to keep the doves from roosting there and making such a mess.  The doves on the railing are plastic but the guy visiting them on the car is for real.  He just came down to keep them company I guess.  At least he's not sitting on the railing.

Ran into Larry and Avis Gray out on the golf course this morning.  The temps are quite pleasant in the early part of the day so folks are still able to enjoy their favorite sport as long as you're an early riser.


Have a GREAT day!
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