Sunday, June 10, 2012

Adios to the old softball field

Here's what's left of the scoreboard.  The poles will probably come out tomorrow.

Bleachers are gone and the Home Plate Grill is dismantled.

Even the sprinkler systems are being dug out so it looks like giant mole hills over the field.
Uh Oh.....saw these four pigeons cruising along the golf course today.  We certainly don't want them to be comfortable here.  Doves are okay but pigeons bring disaster.  Go away you pigeons!!  Did you read about all the grief they're creating at Mission Royale??  Click on this link.
Pigeons at Mission Royale

Ducks are sorta welcome.  This is mama with her nine babies out for a swim.  I didn't get over to #15 to see how the nest is doing but will look again tomorrow.

The fountain adds a nice serene view.  Things are pretty quiet on a Sunday.

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