Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Miscellaneous "Stuff"

I have some quiet time today so thought I'd just pop a couple photos here for the fun of it.  No real story to tell but I just enjoy looking through my photos. 

Here's another shot of the palm trees in bloom.  It doesn't show up real well on a picture but at least you get the idea that ALL the trees are blooming at this time of year. 
Just a nice photo from the course.
When we go through houses, I like to take quick snapshots of miscellaneous items standing around the house.  I don't think the owners would mind if I post a couple now and then as long as I don't broadcast any personal information.  There are just little items that dress up the place.
I bet many of you never see these buildings without activity in front of them.  Looks abandoned in the summer.
Isn't he cute sitting in the flower pot??
Another scenic shot from someone's back yard.  No wonder we pay more for a golf course site.  Makes for a beautiful view.
This indoor cactus garden gets watered once a month when we come in to inspect.  Looks good so far. 
And then there are the summer gals who love to play games in the afternoons.  Here we're playing a game called "golf".  It's the only golfing to do in the hot summer afternoons!
Other days we spend around the Pegs & Jokers board.
While I'm off with the girls, Don loves to spend hours at his flight simulator back at home.  It's his man cave.  Boys and their toys!
Neil came to our rescue the other day when a swarm of bees took up residence in a small hole in the bricks just outside the SanTan room.
He was our super hero!
I have to smile each time we drive by this guy on Oasis.  Good thing they have that mean creature on a chain.
Okay....that's enough silly stuff for today.  I don't want you to get bored or you won't come back!

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