Thursday, June 28, 2012


Wednesday afternoon was our Ice Cream Social.  A great opportunity to meet with the neighbors for a chat and catch up on the local news.
Hmmm.....I don't quite understand what's happening here.  It looks like two eggs may have rolled out of the nest so mama dove can't sit on them anymore.  She probably has more though knowing how well they multiply.
RAIN!!!  Our weather alert kept beeping at us yesterday alerting us to blowing dust warning.  Then it changed to thunderstorm warning.  Yahoo!
It was a beautiful awesome thunderstorm!!  We can't remember the last time we've had any rain.  The sun was shining between the storm clouds, streaks of lightning across the sky, thunder rumbling, and precious rain was falling.  It lasted a good hour too.  Awesome!  That will help wash off the palm trees, clean up our streets, and water our precious desert. 
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