Tuesday, June 05, 2012

summer fun and games

Say hello to the gals who love to play cards in the hot afternoons.  Natalie, Liz, Avis, Lynn, and Karen.  I, of course, am behind the camera.  We play any assortment of games and have a great time as we wile away the hours.

Nothing to do here in the summer?  You are so wrong.  This is a quick shot of the announcement board outside the front office.  Lots of goodies to keep us occupied.

Last night was Bingo.  Here are our avid attendees giving a "Dabbers Up" salute to all you folks who are on other adventures around the country.

See if you can spot anyone you know.  I snapped these photos with my zoom lens since I was up on stage being "the caller". 

Congratulations to Diane Gaines and Mary Williams as they were both three time winners!  Diane even won the final blackout game for a whopping $42.  Of course, she and Mary were both threatened with being thrown in the swimming pool for being so lucky.

Thank you, Diane, for the extra effort of making popcorn for everyone.  Hey.....free popcorn and a night out with good friends makes for a lovely evening.

I took a quick snapshot of the callers gameboard.  The next time you yell at a caller for pushing the wrong button...take a breath and remember that there are LOTS of buttons.  It's a fun job though.  I enjoy having the ringside seat up on stage so I can watch people's expressions when they get only one number away.  Love to watch folks have a good time!

Now for the not so exciting news of living here in the summer.  Everything is just fine as long as your air conditioning works.  Guess what I discovered when I came home from Bingo last night??  Dang!  Lucky for us that we use Tri-Cor as our vendor of choice because Jason was here at 7:00 this morning to get us back up and running.
A quote for a new Trane unit will be arriving soon.    There are always a few little bumps in the road of life.
Y'all have a good day! 
P.S.  In answer to frequently asked questions:  No....Construction on the ballfield & pickleball has not started yet.  Yes...I will keep an eye out for the baby ducks.
(Closest I could come to a duck cartoon.) 

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