Thursday, September 29, 2011


The latest issue of Smart Computing magazine arrived yesterday so thought I’d share this great tip with you.

Daily Tip:
Quickly Enter A URL In IE
When you manually enter a URL in Internet Explorer (IE), it can be a hassle to use your mouse to select the address bar, highlight the URL, and delete the current Web address. To expedite the process, press F6 on your keyboard and your cursor will automatically move to and highlight the current URL in the IE address bar. Because highlighted text is automatically deleted if other text is entered, you can simply type your new URL in the IE address bar.

computer-clip-artShow off that helpful hint to your friends and impress them!


We saw the RC airplanes buzzing around at the airfield this morning so stopped by to say good morning.  Jerry McDonald, Jim, and Richard were enjoying and sharing their avid hobby.  Jerry was flying his “watermelon” plane.


Jim was mumbling and laughing at himself for forgetting to bring the battery for this big plane he wanted to fly.


Jim doesn’t drive just a “car”.  He drives an aircraft carrier!!!! Surprised smile  Look at all those toys!


Richard was busy explaining the planes and the flying club to a potential new member.


While we were out in that area, we noticed that Jim Dawson has been BUSY with the gardens.  He even has them planted already!!!



After our chores, we hurried over to Chick-Fil-A for our weekly free breakfast.  The place was crowded with fellow Creekers!  It has really turned into a fun event on Thursday mornings.  We’ll all have to remember to return the owner’s kindness by patronizing his restaurant as often as we can this season.  Don Fillipi said he was disappointed in me because I didn’t have my camera in hand.

   kitten laughing  Ha Ha Don……………the joke is on YOU! My smart phone takes pictures too!!

Don blog


I have two other photos I’d like to share with you readers.  This first one Don took this morning.  I thought it was unique with the long shadows of the palm trees……and even nicer because a bunny rabbit stopped to pose.  The “shadows” idea would make a great subject for the photo club next season.

pybus 716

This last photo is a favorite of mine because it really shows the results from the tenacious mud storm we had on July 5.  This is the side of Bud and Donna Keay’s shed at Site 728.  That storm was just unbelievable.

keay 728

Okay………….that’s my post for today.  Thanks for stopping by!  (Don’t forget to comment in the guestbook at the top of the page.)


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