Saturday, October 01, 2011

Pottery Room Renovations

Suzette Taylor and Rex Fetzer have been hard at work this summer helping with renovations in the pottery room.  I got a personal tour yesterday and would like to explain all the things they’ve accomplished……………but never having worked at pottery before, I’m afraid most of the conversation went way over my head.  I don’t understand glazing procedures, or the wheel people, or the painting section, or the baking….or whatever else Suzette was trying to show me so I asked her for a short quote that I could post here.


suez Soooo….from Suzette:  “Not to worry wheelers.  You have your own room.  The summer potterers are busy straightening up the room and getting ready for you.  Lots of new ideas in the planning.  Looking forward to seeing everybody.”









Suzette was especially proud of this sample display area.  She said Peggy Tomaso created this and she believes it to be a wonderful almost one-of-a-kind display of the different colors.



Of course, the part I was excited to see and hear about was all the projects that the club is creating for their annual pottery sale.  They need the funds for more supplies and equipment.  Be sure to attend their show and BUY some of these unique pieces of art they create. 


There are other projects on the shelves in various stages of completion. 





Okay you potterers………….you can come back and start to play again.  Invite me over when you’re hard at work creating your masterpieces so I can get more photos for you to share with the folks back home.

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