Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Stopped by the tennis courts again this morning.  This court is in the sealing stage.  Sure is a LOT of labor involved in this job of resurfacing!
tennis blog
While we were in the area, I snapped some photos of the pickleball players too since so many were out this morning.  It certainly is a popular sport.
blog pickleball
blog pickleball
As we drove by the club house we saw a big crane bringing down a huge air conditioning unit.  More maintenance and upkeep we never think about or realize.
blog AC
blog ac
There’s never a dull moment for Fernando and crew.  Get one thing fixed and another breaks.  This time I found them having to replace the flow meter by number one well.
well 1 blog
well 1 blog
Drove by Bill Nagy's home and couldn’t help but notice how nice his yard looks.  Sure enough….we spotted Bill up a tree doing more d├ęcor.  Hope he doesn’t get hurt or he won’t be able to be our bingo caller again this year.  Stay safe Bill.
blog bill nagge
blog bill nagge
I always have a fondness for landscaping, plants, cactus, blossoms, etc.  It’s hard to keep greenery ‘green’ in the hot Arizona sun………but somehow Mary manages to grow this beautiful enormous fern in her front yard.  I guess the plant just responds to her tender loving care.

While Don and I are out on our morning rounds stomping on the occasional scorpion we find in someone’s home,……………….
Schmidt 1279
our cat, Hiway, enjoys her morning nap.

Have a GREAT day!!

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