Saturday, October 08, 2011

Pigeon Bit the Dust?

Received this photo today from Don and Dorothy Quigan at Site 43.  The last time I heard from them is when they sent me the photo of the road runner looking through their patio door.  Today’s photo is hilarious.  A pigeon flew into their window and definitely left his mark.  The poor guy must have been out there on the golf course during reseeding or else flew around in our last dust storm.  Open-mouthed smile  That’s his dusty outline left on the window.  Don’t be concerned though…although he must have hit pretty hard, he recovered and flew away.  He should really be looking for a bird bath!  Thank you to Don and Dorothy for sharing!

new back yard at palm creek 017birdGreenSilly


What a beautiful weather day today!  The high was only 79 and it was wonderful!!  I spent some time with a good book out on the patio and had to smile as I saw a number of RVs and rigs driving in.  Rangers are busy with parking. 

The back 9 of the golf course is coming in beautifully with its velvety green color.  Now they’re chopping away at the front nine.  Better not get your park model polished up yet.  I’d wait a few days till the dust settles.  Confused smile  Can you see the cloud of dust coming up from the mowers?  The crews are hard at work getting ready for your return.


That’s lots of dusty grass to rake up and haul away.




Important dates for your calendar:

February 18 – Quilt Show

February 19 – Pottery Show

March 1 – Woodcrafters Show, Photo Club Show, and Artist/Craftsman’s Show

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