Saturday, September 24, 2011

Reseeding the Golf Course

The focus is definitely on the golf course this week.  They’re finishing up the monstrous job of reseeding.  We’ve been through the flying dust as the grass gets shorn to its lowest level.  Pallets of seed and fertilizer were seen throughout the park this past week. 

Every sand trap has to be covered with plastic to prevent seeds from blowing in.  Once seeded, they spread manure not only as fertilizer but it also serves to hold the seed in place so it doesn’t blow away.  (I’m going to guess it would discourage the birds from feasting on the seed as well. Confused smile)

golf course blog

Spreading the manure requires hard labor!  Every shovelful gets thrown and spread by hand.  (Ohhhh…to be that physically fit once again.)

golf course blog

golf course blog

golf course blog

golf course blog


Don and I have commented numerous times about how fast the crews get the new houses parked and put together.  We’re watching the new one going up on 1909 on Oasis since it belongs to a good friend. 

Blount blog

We had some questions so stopped to chat with the crew yesterday….and the man we stopped just happens to be John Blount of Blount Construction.  He said this is their second year here in the park and he started to list the many other places where they’ve installed modular homes.  Very nice man and it was really interesting to talk with him.  Say hi to John.

Blount blog


Ann Lykens up in the Activities Department has really been busy this year lining up some new and special events for us.  In addition to the seven bus trips to Fort McDowell, she has lined an overnight trip there as well.  The trip costs $15 which includes the overnight stay, 2 free complimentary beverages (per person), a coupon for complimentary breakfast at the Cottonwood Café, and complimentary shuttle from the hotel to the casino.  I’m guessing the rooms will be for double occupancy.  Sounds like a fun time.  The trip is scheduled for January 5 so get your tickets early as seating is limited to one bus load.

And another reminder…..order your season event tickets early!


Here is a link to the Phoenix Mart that will be located in Casa Grande.  You may want to check this site occasionally to check on their progress.   Phoenix Mart

Just look at the architectural drawings and try to imagine how BIG this place will be.


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