Friday, September 09, 2011

New Homes

So many holes are being dug for new homes!  Neighborhoods will have a new look.


Looks like Desert Wind Lane will have 3-4 new houses on the street.  Sites 1325-1327??  I don’t know if they’re sold or if they’re new spec homes, but there is plenty of activity.



Across Cole Circle is another one going in at 1335?  I may be off a house number or two but it’s close to that general area.

blog 1335

Oasis Drive is getting longer by adding two more houses on the north end.  (1909-1910??)



Our streets are really getting a make over this year!  Lots of tar trucks out there beautifying the place.  I don’t imagine this carries a very small price tag.



gil blogGil was out watching the action after his trip to the work out room.

blog Keay



Smaller areas get done by hand.

And…..this man continues with debarking the palm trees.  Tree by tree by tree.

I bet he wishes he had a dollar for every scorpion he chased away.


While all this hard labor continues……someone has to take the time to enjoy the golf course.  Jerry and Sue Logaman were doing just that!

blog logaman


We’re ‘supposed’ to get some rain this weekend.  Keep your fingers crossed as we could certainly use it! 

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