Saturday, September 10, 2011

Some rain, some wind, and LOTS of DIRT (again)

As I write this (7:15 p.m. Saturday), the wind is blowing like crazy and so is the good ole Arizona desert dirt.  About an hour ago we were treated to a wonderful thunderstorm with about five minutes of beautiful precious rain.  Too bad it didn’t last for about an hour like that.  Then it all dried up.  I was reading in my comfy chair when I went out to the kitchen to get a drink……..looked out the window…….and WOW…..we’re in the middle of another haboob.  The street lights were on by this time but we could only see down the street far enough to see four lights…..then in the thick of things we could only see two because the dust was flying.  I tried to take a picture but the flash was on and all I got was THIS:


That’s how thick the dirt was flying through the air.  I turned off the flash and tried again.



That’s the best my poor little camera could do in that much wind and dirt.  Looks like we’ll have to rise early tomorrow and tour through the park to check for damages…and Sunday is supposed to be our day off!

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