Sunday, September 11, 2011

No Damage……Just more DIRT

Drove all around the park this morning in wonderfully cool 74 degree weather.  Awesome!  Haven’t been in the 70s for several months.  It felt great.  Don and I had a couple cups of coffee out on the patio just to bask in the cool air.  Of course, we had to take folding chairs from the shed because the ones on our patio are covered in half inch of dirt from the storm.  Will spend the afternoon cleaning AGAIN.


No sign of any damage from last night’s storm.  Just dirt, dirt, and more dirt.  Wherever there was a little wet spot from the rain, the dust stuck like glue.  Looks weird.


Uh Oh……………….aaccckkkk!!!  My wonderful camera seems to have bit the dust….literally.  After taking pictures in the last dust storm, the camera won’t focus anymore.  091222-142338-794010[1]


Wednesday, Sept 14

Okay……I’m done crying over my camera and managed to somehow fix it.  A can of compressed air, a soft cloth, and some tender loving care seems to have brought the lens back to life.  I can always use the camera in my new smart phone (that’s another story) but I MUCH prefer my little pocket camera for those quick action photos with a nice zoom lens.  Guess I’ll be more careful in the next dust storm.  I had some (thought I had some) nice dust photos but due to camera issue, I quit that posting.  Will continue here.

We had a wonderful thunderstorm last night and some much needed precious rain!  Mother Nature showed off her talents with a brilliant display across the sky and the rain smelled so sweet.  The air just feels cleaner today!  We actually had the windows open last night as it was down in the 70s.  What a wonderful relief from the heat. 

I would love to learn more about all the types of equipment that get used on the golf course.  The machines seem to come in all shapes and sizes.  I saw this one from a far distance due to the huge dust cloud following him.



We got a couple nice photos as we were out on our rounds this morning.  These are taken from the back patio of a couple homes we watch.  They’re really fortunate to have such a nice view!

dey 1030


We spotted Jim Dawson and Fernando out at work this morning probably planning their next ‘to do’ list.  They’ve certainly done a wonderful job for the park this year!!  They make a great team.



We saw another new park model put in place.  This one is going in on Half Moon Lane, Site 1716.


We’re getting new carpeting in several rooms/buildings up front.  This week I saw installers busy in the Bistro and Pro Shop.  Any time we spot a vendor truck, we can usually find a picture for the blog.  Open-mouthed smile

carpet blog

carpet blog

And….there are all the miscellaneous jobs that we never think about.  Here I saw Office Manager, Gary Lambert, checking on a recent delivery to the pop machines.  There are so many ‘behind the scenes’ tasks that go into making our resort so nice.


Another tell tale sign that the season is changing for us………the hummingbirds are coming back.  A few stay with us year round but this time of year we see more and more of them at our feeder.  Now that we can sit out on the patio again, we enjoy their antics and 2 or 3 will chase each other around as they line up for a drink.

hummer storm blog

We have some fantastic stories to tell about hummingbirds but the favorite one is when we were camp hosts at a small campground in Utah.  Without exaggeration, there would be upwards of 50 of the little critters flying around our camp.  We refilled three feeders every day.  The little winged fairies would alight on our hands as we tried to hang up the full feeders.  AWESOME!


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