Tuesday, May 10, 2011


What a beautiful day today!!!  High of 75 with just a light breeze and a few scattered puffy clouds to make the blue sky even prettier.  It was gorgeous!  The 90s are due to return in a couple days so we try to soak up all the cool temps like a super sponge. 


I think Palm Creek residents keep the local contractors in business these days.  There are various crews installing new park models, adding on decks or Arizona rooms, hauling pavers for patios, resurfacing driveways, and especially site improvement projects with lots of concrete, new landscaping, and sheds.  Steve and Ann Arthur at site 1366 were hard at work today making their lot very attractive.  Nice work, Steve. 

 Steve ArthurSteve Arthur

I’ll get a couple more photos of other site projects while out on our rounds tomorrow.

There is another village home coming in at 1246.


We saw a number of utility type trucks redirecting traffic on Henness Road today so I put on my reporter’s hat to see what was going on.  The name on the main truck is “Pipeline Video Inspection & Cleaning”.  We “hope” the city is finally getting serious about the strong sewer odor that tends to float over the west wall of the park along Sandy Desert Drive.  It would certainly be interesting to hear results of their findings and their work but I don’t have an ear inside the city engineer’s office so we’ll just have to test our noses to see if their efforts are successful. 

Pipeline Video

I watched our golf course crew as they worked on the front nine today.  I believe the term is aerating or plugging.  A roller type of machine pulled behind a tractor pulls a core or plug from the soil to let air back into the soil and promote better grass growth.  Curiosity got the best of me while I was taking photos so I picked up a core and was amazed at how compacted the soil is.  I could bang the thing on the pavement and it didn’t even break.  Guess that’s good old Arizona soil.  I can certainly see why aerating is necessary! 

golf plug

Sorta looks like goose droppings from  a distance.  Surprised smile

golf plug

golf plug

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