Monday, May 09, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day

We had a GREAT Mother’s Day dinner on Sunday with 90 people present.  Upon entering the room, Ladies were presented with a rose, a special card, and their choice of a fuzzy navel or a wine cooler.  That was followed by a delicious meal and lots of friendly conversation and camaraderie.  Chalk up another success for the Special Events team!



IMG_2472     Readers tell me they like to see these photos so they can check out who is still here enjoying our Arizona sunshine.  Since I will be working in the kitchen during the summer events, you’ll be seeing pictures from behind the scenes as well.


Sue and Connie Morin prepping the croissant rolls.


Chicken cordon bleu waiting for its turn in the oven.


And then it’s time for doing the dishes and sanitizing the kitchen! 

This morning (Monday) we awoke to a lovely cool breeze, 60 degrees, and sunny sky.  It was almost too cool…actually a bit chilly for us true AZ folks with such thin blood.  I wish we could bag some of that cool air and save it for July and August!  The pickleball courts were very active.  It’s hard to get a good picture but perhaps you can recognize some folks.

IMG_2476    IMG_2478   IMG_2480

Not everyone was off to a good start as evidenced by this sad tale we came across.  It appears the brakes locked up on this rig so it has to get hauled in for service.  At least it happened while they were still in the park and not out on the highway somewhere!  Must always look at the bright side.


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  1. not a fun way to leave the park for the summer but we got everything fixed and hit the road by afternoon.
    We, Texas Eddie and wife, are now sitting in cold, wet and some snow in CO. But it promises to get better.
    Miss the gang left at PC..we will return in a couple of months to some warm weather!!!


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