Sunday, May 08, 2011

He’s Back

This finely feathered creature was back again today.  Mary Williams spotted him and got a great photo.  Thanks, Mary!


Mary’s email story: 

Hi Sue.......

Couldn't believe I missed the peacock while playing golf yesterday....was glad to see your photos. I alerted Tom when he was heading out to the course this morning since I was "sleeping in" for a change.....a while later, he called me and said the proud little fellow was on #12 tee so I went over to look....was sure I had missed him as it took a while for me to get dressed, etc. I had given up and was heading home down Oasis and decided to get off my bike one last time and head up in between a couple of park models (1811 and 1812) and lo and behold, he was sitting on the patio of 1811. He then headed down onto the golf course...even took a small air-flight...wished I'd had the video going!...and went on over to the pet section side. Sure wish he had spread out those tail feather, though!



peacock Mary

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