Friday, May 20, 2011

June Newsletter

I read an article in a computer magazine that says it’s easier to just photograph a paper instead of scanning it so thought I’d give it a try.  It is a lot faster, but I can’t say that the quality is as good.  Anyway…………….if you click on each image, it will get big enough for you to read.  Since the park isn’t posting summer newsletters on their website, I thought I’d attach them here so you will be envious of all the fun we’re having while you are away in the cold rainy weather.  Tee hee hee.  cartoon_devil


IMG_2812     This page explains more of how/why the crews are cleaning the creek.  Pictures are posted from a day or two ago.  Summer projects include the creek beds, the irrigation system on the front 9, and sandblasting and repainting the rails on the bridges.



















IMG_2813    June 19 we’re having dinner from Tom’s BBQ.  June 28 is a pizza lunch and May 30 is Memorial day BBQ with pork steaks.

Some of the tomatoes are starting to ripen so they will be available for residents on a first come/first serve basis up at the front desk.  Check daily.  Please pick up at the front desk rather than going to the gardens as we want to preserve the plants and not let them get damaged.

IMG_2814    We’ll be having summer bingo on June 6 and July 18.  Flo wants me to try my hand at being the caller so we’ll see how that goes.  Never a dull moment, I’m sure.   ----    I’m anxious to see that Palm Creek cook book!  I’ll be one of the first ones up there to get my copy after July 1.


IMG_2815    Oh boy!  Free food!  All Palm Creek residents are invited for a fresh hot breakfast at Chick-fil-A on June 16.  The menu sounds great.  We’ve eaten there for lunch before but not breakfast so this will be a fun morning. 


This morning we enjoyed a delicious breakfast served by the summer special events team.  Linda Balzan worked her culinary magic again and whipped up some baked omelets.  We had fresh fruit, muffins, donuts, and beverages.  Yum!  It was a fun time and the 58 attendees hung around over a second cup of coffee to chat and get acquainted with a few new summer residents. 



Breakfast  That’s a lot of melon to cut and prep!

Breakfast   Here’s the assembly line ready to dish up on plates.

Breakfast  Rex was readying the OJ.

Breakfast  Guests waiting to be served.

Breakfast  Let’s eat!


After the dishes are done, there is still work to do.  Fold napkins and get the tables ready for the next event. 



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