Monday, May 16, 2011


Another beautiful Arizona day.  Temps in the 80s, clear blue sky, etc etc etc.  Are you tired of reading that yet?  Open-mouthed smile


As I sit here at my computer, I look out the side window to our patio and am entertained by the doves trying desperately to build a nest on our rolled up awning.  They have worked constantly all week long and haul piece after piece of nesting material but they can’t get it to stay put.  The gap between the awning and the wall is too big so everything falls through but they never give up.  Pretty soon the little woman will be laying eggs up there that will fall straight through too.  I was going to name the pair but the first names that jump to mind are “Dumb and Dumber”.  While it may fit, it sounds cruel for such cute feathered creatures.  I believe they’ll go nameless for now but they certainly are entertaining.

Dumb and Dumber


Hallelujah!  I think the city crew has worked wonders with the sewer cleaning project.  I’ve ridden down the west wall (Sandy Desert Lane) numerous times the last several days and I believe the ugly sewer odor has dissipated.  We stopped to briefly chat with the city crew as they were working and they said it is a routine job that they do every 4-5 years.  Hmmmm….I’ve lived here six years and that’s the first time I’ve seen the project.  At least its done now and the problem should be solved.




The village home at 1245 sure landed in a hurry.  We went from empty hole to both halves installed within two days.

1245   new 1245

I saw some of our maintenance staff busy at work under the hot afternoon sun so stopped to say hello.

Neil blog  This is Neil – he’s the newest member of the team as he’s only been with Palm Creek for three months.  He was hard at work repainting all the green site numbers by the RV pads.  They all get a sprucing up this year so thank Neil when you return and can easily find the site you need.  First he spray painted the green metal and then stenciled on the numbers.  Not an easy task when you stop to think of how many sites there are and all the up and down involved with the knees.  Ouch!

Neil from MI blog  Neil must be very tall because I seem to have cut off his head in this picture.  Sorry….I’m still an amateur.

I really enjoy riding around the park looking for info for the blog but some people do groan and laugh when I show up with camera in hand.

avis blog  Here I caught Avis and Larry Gray with Harriett Agee coming off Hole #8.  They’re getting in a lot of practice during this lovely weather!

Jerry Macdonald blog    Jerry McDonald had a day away from his ranger duties so rounded up his toys and headed for the golf course too.  Nice bike, Jerry!

I don’t have any exciting news from the gardens yet.  Tomatoes are starting to turn pink but someone seems to pick them immediately before they really get a chance to ripen.  There will be plenty for all of us once they really start to turn.  The group planted several different kinds of pepper and squash plants and they seem to be doing well also.  I don’t know if these photos will show up well.

peppers gardensquash gardentomatoes garden

It’s also fun to just ride around and look at all the pretty cactus flowers that come into bloom.  This particular one was very pretty at 1739 (Mike & Peg Tomaso).  I emailed them photos so they could watch their plant in bloom.

Tomasu 1739

I took a lot of photos as I rode around yesterday.  They’re not the best  but maybe you’ll enjoy them for what they’re worth.

owl      One of the owls that roosts up by the north wall.  Yes, the two outside the front gate are still there even though contractors have recently mowed all the grass and leveled the field. 

quail  We don’t get to see quail inside the park very often so its always a treat to see them chase across the gravel with that little bobber thing on top of their head.  I couldn’t get any closer for a photo cause this guy was pretty camera shy.

roadrunner   Roadrunners are quite common but they’re always a treat to see anyway.

dust devilAs soon as the wind kicks up, it is common to see dust devils whirling across the horizon. I think this one should show up on the photo okay.

So what do we do now that the evening activities have drawn to a close?  Some of us head down to the local American Legion to play bingo.


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