Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Irrigation System

For the next two weeks, our maintenance/golf course crew will be renovating the irrigation system on the front 9 holes of the course.  I could see holes being dug but curiosity got the best of me so with camera in hand, I wandered over for a closer look.  My gosh golly….this is NOT an easy quick project!  Just digging the holes deep enough is one chore but then all the pipe fitting is another subject.  Take a close look at these photos. 

irrigation blog

irrigation blog

irrigation blog

irrigation blog

Again, I wish I could speak Spanish so I could chat with the crew a little easier.  They’re always so friendly and are certainly hard workers.  I can’t imagine digging those holes in the good old Arizona soil.


These gents did a fantastic job at cleaning out the creek beds!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Check out the results of their labor.

creek blog

creek blog

Clean creek blog

clean creek blog


Other tidbits from around the park:

Karen Cowden at Site 987 has some strange plants in her yard that bloom every year.  See what you folks miss when you leave us before the spring bloom?


Speaking of strange plants….check out this one!  It looks like it grew out of a basketball.

Meadows 1840 blog

Tevy and Alice Black planted a new lemon tree this year that is trying its best to make them proud.  It has a good start at bearing fruit.

Black 1631

Roses in the rose garden are about done but this one was still smiling.

creek blog



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