Monday, May 02, 2011


Say “Hello” to the Palm Creek Housekeeping staff!


From left to right:  Maria, Carmen, Maria, Dora, Nora, Josefina

Dora is a 10-year veteran here at Palm Creek followed by Maria and Nora (6 years), Josefina and Maria (4 years).  Their team knows what it takes to keep our resort looking its best!  In addition to all the front line work they do in cleaning our immaculate restrooms, shower rooms, game rooms, offices, and other public buildings, they also clean many of the park-owned rental and model homes.  This morning I saw them buffing and polishing the model home that was recently moved from the Street of Dreams to Site 1246 on Shimmering Sands Lane.  

IMG_2379     IMG_2378

I’m certain that on behalf of all Palm Creek residents, I send them our heartfelt THANKS for a job well done. Their hard work is much appreciated by all of us.  After chatting with Dora this morning, I know these staff members always enjoy receiving your thank you gifts of left over goodies when packing up to go home at the end of the season.  So when next time you stand in front of your refrigerator and say “Yipe.  What will I do with all this food when it is time to leave?  I just hate to throw it all away”, think of the housekeeping staff.  They’re always delighted to get those jars of salad dressings, jellies, spices, extra freezer foods, cereals, baking items, etc.  Since all the members live here in Casa Grande, they know many local families so will always be able to find a good home for extra food items, used clothing, books, household items, and even furniture and appliances.  Just leave a message at the front desk for Dora to call you and she can arrange for pick up of your items. 

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