Friday, July 23, 2010

Today’s Front Page

LOL  (stands for “lots of Laughs” for those of you who don’t speak computer lingo)
You know we’re desperate for rain when .02 makes the front page of the local newspaper.  I find it amazing that this appears on our paper the same morning I received an email from my cousin in Milwaukee where they had 8 inches of rain yesterday. 
picstory**Here’s another computer tip that may help you with this blog.  To read an article or to see a photo up close, just click on the photo.  It will open in a separate window.  To go back to the blog, click on the “back” button in upper left by the address bar.   If you still find it hard to read, then hold down your control key and hit the plus + key.  Each time you do that, the image will increase in size.  To go back to normal size, hold down control key and hit the minus key – .  You can do that in almost any computer program.  Works great for those of us with vision problems. 

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  1. Thanks for the good update. Has the Motel behind Golden Coral opened? Holiday Express??

    BTW. LOL ,when it was first coined back in the 1990's is 'laughing out loud' used to indicate to the person on the other end, you were actually laughing out loud. Well , you asked for comments, and you know this could generate a good controversy;-)



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