Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New design??? Computer tips.

So I was bored this morning and played with the settings for the blog.  Does this make it easier to read??  Here's your chance for some input.  Do you like the original design or do you prefer this new one?  Let me know.  Readers:  SPEAK UP

Email:   sue77hepler@yahoo.com

Another computer tip:  To increase the size of font for easier reading, you can use the control key and + or -     OR some of you who have a wheel on your mouse can hold down the control key and just scroll the mouse button to increase or decrease the size of the print.  These tips are not restricted to the blog....you can use them on any sites or programs.

At the end of every posting, there are some little check boxes.  All you have to do is click on the box of your choice to let me know if you are interested in that type of info.  If you click on the pencil icon, you can post a message or read messages left by other readers.  If you want to send the blog to another friend or family member, just click on the little envelope.


  1. Hi Sue, I think I like the other version better. This newer one seems rather standard and less personal, somewhat like a commercial web page. The other version appeared more colorful and entertaining. You are doing a great job, much appreciated!

    Bill Murr

  2. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Hi Sue, I like the new format and think it is easy to read. Keep the information coming as you have us hooked. Also enjoy your picture taking! Hope you are having a nice HOT summer. Regards, Bryan Phillips

  3. Anonymous8:02 PM

    personally I like the original format it is cheerier!!!


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